Sombrero Peak, Jacumba Mountain


By: Bernie Petitjean


On Saturday morning 20 people showed up at Bow-Willow campground for the climb of Sombrero Peak. I had warned everyone earlier that it might become very cold in the desert during this weekend. However, it was quite the opposite. After caravaning to the end of the road, I informed the group that the trip was to be an easy 2 hour climb. During the course of the trip, 3 peop1e signed out and returned to the cars. After 3-1/2 hours, we arrived on the summit and had lunch. After spending an hour on the summit, we descended back to the cars. Everyone caravaned to Hway 8 for gas and then on towards the town of Jacumba. We arrived at our "camp" just at dusk. The night was of a comfortable temperature. After dinner a few of us enjoyed some of Pat Lavengood's Harvey Wallbanger cake and/or some wine, and/or some brandy, etc.

After a restless night everyone was up at 6:30 for our 7:30 start. After caravaning to our trailhead, I once again informed the group that this was a 2 hour climb. How disbelieving they were? After climbing around some easy 3rd class rocks and some easy stretches of sand, we all arrived on the summit in exactly 2 hours. All made the peak and signed in the register from the "Rockatomics Stamp Club" can. We left the summit after about 40 minutes. All made it back to the cars safely by 12:15 for an early start home.

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