Spectre Point, Sheephole Mountains


By: Roy Magnuson


There were 32 climbers who met at 8 am Saturday on Hwy 62 about 40 miles east of Twentynine Palms. We caravaned south on the slightly sandy but otherwise good road about three miles to the start of the climb to Spectre. All climbers, including a 5 year old boy, reached the summit without incident. Eight went with Roy to climb Diadic and caught up with the rest of us on the way out. Those who weren't staying drove out and the remainder drove back about one and a half miles to a flat area with some nice rocks to go behind. Enough wood was discovered in a nearby pile of lumber to make a good campfire.

Sunday we caravaned out to the highway and drove to Sheephole Summit. We parked near the microwave station and were joined by four people making a total of 19. Everyone made the top and we were back to the cars around 4:3O, after an 8:15 am start.

Our writeup for the schedule had been changed to read that the trip was to be easy and slow-paced. This is the third time one of our writeups has had a substantial change, which has led to some inconvenience each time. While the trip was indeed easy for experienced DPS'ers, non-DPS types (ie. most of the readers of the schedule) could be--and were--misled. There are only a few DPS trips that would be regarded as easy by the casual trail hiker. I suggest that trip leaders in the future append a note to their writeups stating that the person making any changes should consult with the leader or else be prepared to lead the trip himself.

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