Sheephole Mountains, Old Woman Mountains


By: Bill T. Russell


Eleven people met at Sheephole Mine Road on Saturday, November 16, 1974. After signing in, we climbed the peak via the obvious canyon leading Southeast and then eastward over broken up country to the summit. After descending, we drove to the desert East of Danby where we made camp and had a pleasant campfire. The next morning, we drove up the road to Florence Mine, one car was left by the wayside because it could not negotiate the sand. The road lies in a dry wash and could always be a problem to some car/tire combinations, We walked past the Florence Mine site and up the broad canyon heading South to the small saddle at 4090 ft. From here we traversed the NE side of point 4882' to the saddle between it and the summit. After lunch we returned by the same route including some more pushing of the car in the sand. The weather was fine. The views were excellent, and the weekend was most enjoyable.

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