Spirit Mountain, Mount Tipton


By: Dick Akawie


Leaders: Dick & Shirley Akawie

Our group gathered at 8 am Saturday at the junction of US 95 and the Christmas Tree Pass Road, north of Nev 77. We drove just past Christmas Tree Pass, almost up to the main N-S ridge of Spirit Mtn., and parked on a side road north of the main dirt road. From there the group of 16 hiked over the low ridge to the north, dropped down into the main wash, and then proceeded east up the side of a gully to the east side of the pinnacle at 4280'. We then went northeast up the steep slope to the ridge at 5360', and circled around to the summit. During lunch we had great views of Lake Havasu and the Davis Dam area, and the smoke-belching Havasu Power Plant. The trip down was uneventful. We then drove east and south on the main dirt road to Nev 77, across Davis Dam, and on Ariz 68 to U3 93. Then we went 25 miles north on US 93 to the Dolan Springs-Pierce Ferry Road turnoff (about milepost 42), turned right onto Pierce Ferry Road for a short distance, and then half right onto 5th St. We followed 5th St. until the pole line ended (Chloride St?) and went to the next dirt road on the right. We made the right turn and drove about 200 yards to a nice flat area where we camped for the night. The sky became completely overcast before dark, and concern about the weather grew among the veterans of The Mt. Tipton snowstorm of Feb 11, 1973, so the leaders put up a tent to keep the rain away, The sky was still solidly overcast when we rose at 5:45 am (PST) Sunday. We left the low clearance cars at the camp spot and drove east on 5th St. until it ended, jogged north a short distance to a gate in the fence on the right, then through the gate and along a rocky road to Lower Indian Spring, where we parked. Thirteen of us hiked east along the dirt road to its high point, then cross-country to the southeast and up a wash to the saddle at 5300'. This was where the previous scheduled climb had been aborted. Then we went southeast to the ridge, which we followed on its south side (moderate brush) till we reached the N-S ridge and turned south to the peak. The sun came out, and we relaxed on top during lunch with the ladybugs. The walk out was rapid. At the vehicles I was informed by someone who had remained there that the ranchers had driven up and wanted to talk to me. So, after driving to the camp site, I went back to their house, which is on the south side of 5th St. near its east end, and which has a windmill. I had a pleasant chat with the owner, Mr. B. Lorton, who asked me to inform future climbers of certain restrictions. A sign at the gate we went through prohibits hunting and camping, which is the reason for the directions given above to the place we camped. Mr. Lorton has no objection to our climbing Mt. Tipton, but would like to be told beforehand either by stopping at his house or by writing to him (Mr. B. Lorton, P.O. Box 398, Dolan Springs, AZ 86441). He also does not want vehicles parked near the cattle watering spots one near the entrance gate and one at Lower Indian Springs - as this keeps his cows from drinking. Park at least 200 yards away. Let's not abuse his hospitality, so that we won't have to find a new route to the peak.

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