Mitchell Point, Providence Mountains, Granite Mountains #1


By: Roy Ward


Seven people met Saturday morning as per the schedule. After placing a couple of cars near Mitchell Caverns ( we did the trip in reverse order as it was listed in the schedule), we all got in Jim Sinnet's Datsun pickup and proceeded to the Bonanza King Mine. We then hiked up to the ridge and did a little rock scrambling along the ridge to Mitchell. A short snack there and out we went along the ridge, up and down over the ledges, and the leader met a couple of climbers who had intended to make the trip with us but had arrived late. Since we started in reverse, of course they never caught up with us. They did Providence on their own and did not stay and join us for the rest of the trip. We then dropped down to the cars, made a trip to pickup Jim's pickup and then caravaned to the Cottonwood Springs Campground.

We were joined by two others who had car trouble and had arrived too late to hike with us on Saturday. In the evening we were joined by 6 more hikers. Sunday morning we were off via the scenic rouse along the ridge to Granite. We arrived near noon, after a slow paced hike. Eric Fracisco led us up the summit block as this was his emblem peak. After a little champagne and lunch, we returned to the cars, where 15 climbers had a little more champagne from a larger bottle. After a nice clear weekend, cool and a slight breeze, 14 of us met for Chinese food in the El Rancho in Barstow.

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