Villager Peak, Rabbit Peak


By: How Bailey


Priscilla and Chris Libby and the writer decided to make a wild-cat trio to Villager and Rabbit and were joined by Beth Henry and Horace Ory. We drove out Sat, morning and started hiking soon after 10. At about 3900' Chris found a sheep carcass in excellent condition. We reached the usual campsite just below Villager -- some before dark and some just after. It was quite windy all night, though not really cold once we got tucked in. In the morning some of us tried to see Kohoutek before sunrise, but Priscilla was the only one smart enough to climb the rise to the east--and be properly rewarded. We wandered over to Rabbit, celebrated Beth's DPS emblem, and slept in the sun in front of the summit rock. Eventually we had to start the long walk home. Everyone reached the cars by dark. Chris ran ahead and bagged "Lute". This trip was at the beginning of the gasoline shortage, but we had no trouble at all finding gas or open stations out there.

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