Miners Needle


By: Barbara Reber


A group of High Country Hikers (Loma Linda, Ca.) and a few Sierra Club mavericks ascended two of the Miner's Needles led by Jon Hardt and assisted by Dave Wallace and Phil Bruce. The First ascent was made in Jan, 1972 by Wally Henry, Ed Treacy, Darryl Kuhns, Vi Grasso and Dick May. The second ascent was made on Nov. 22, 1973 by the Jon Hardt group. There is a third Needle to conquer but the group ran out of light and the rains threatened. These needles are fifth class climbing, the second Needle has considerable exposure and a difficult down climb or a long rappel, There is an eye in the third Needle that is supposedly one of the markers for the fabled Peralta Mine. The myths of the Superstitions still abound.

Fortunately the prospectors can't figure out the rock climbers and leave them alone. We can go into the Superstitions with our topos and rock climbing gear with no fear of gun reprisal. But a pick, gun or ice axe............

Next year Jon hopes to return and climb all the Needles.

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