Mitchell Point, Providence Mountains


By: Paul Nelson


Two years ago there were 17 on this same trip. This time there were 34. If that's any indication of the mob we will get next time, I resign. Seeing that many at the roadhead did bother the leaders a bit. However, everyone in this large group proved to be in good condition for this rough outing. Good peakbaggers! The hike was made in 8-1/2 hours which bettered our last time by two hours. The same route was followed as last time. Some dry snow was encountered in places for both good and bad. We had to be cautious on the narrow ridge to Mitchell because of the snow, but it made the steep scree slope to Providence much easier. Your noble leader being older, wiser and also tired, talked two long-legged young men into breaking trail through 1 to 3 feet of snow on this steep north slope of Providence. Thank you, Jim Wilkie and Mike Inskeep.

The honors of the day go to Shirley Akawie. Shirley was struck on the shoulder, leg and foot by a 3-foot rock. One of those rocks that 8 or 10 people passed and used as a hand hold finally decided to roll just before Shirley got there. She was badly shaken but after a short rest was able to go on. Later Shirley slid down a steep rock rock losing her wrist watch in the process. Still she made both peaks and was among the first out to the cars--still smiling!

After the cars were retrieved from the Mitchell end of the hike, a vote was taken on the desires for the location of Sunday's climb. This ended in a three-way tie. Eleven people wanted to go to Old Woman Mtn., eleven to Tipton Peak and eleven wanted to go home. The latter group was given their wants with no argument. Because the leaders wanted to do Tipton, that broke the remaining tie. With lots of good instructions and maps, ten people headed for a night's camp near Old Woman Mtn. The remaining eleven made the long drive to the roadhead for Tipton Peak in northwest Arizona, arriving there at 10:00 p.m.

Here again the leader showed his true colors by talking Roy and Barbara Magnuson into leading us up Tipton. The peak was climbed in 2-1/2 hours in fine clear weather. Besides some snow at the top there was a fine view of the GREEN desert. We were back to the cars by 1:00 p.m. and the long drive home.

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