Mount Palmer, Wahguyhe Peak


By: Gordon MacLeod


Thirteen glove-wearing DPSers left their snow-blocked cars a mile short of their hoped-for departure point at the old mine in Phinney Canyon. The snow on the road afforded opportunities for foot-print making on the way to the saddle on the Grapevine-Wahguyhe ridge. (EDITOR: Harvey Hickman was reported to have commented at about this time: "I didn't know that you were supposed to bring skis on DPS trips," and "MacLeod, I thought you said all DPS trips are like that South Guardian Angel climb you conned me into.") The nine who hadn't yet added Grapevine to their lists departed to do so, following Dick Akawie's lead, whilst the leaders, Neko Colevins and Gordon MacLeod, followed the remaining two DPSers up Wahguyhe. Strong winds and weak snow and deteriorating weather conditions magnified the already awesome Palmer ridge into a fearsome sight. Only two tigers from the Loma Prieta Chapter felt the urge to do Wahguyhe after Grapevine. Even Bill Banks called it a day after Grapevine, to be the first to announce that "Palmer can go #@$# tomorrow." Only the two Loma Prieta tigers and Eric Schumacher plus Gordon MacLeod (EDITOR: We suspect that worthy Palmer's imminent addition to the DP list may have had some influence with the latter two "peak baggers," who were no doubt motivated to preserve the status of their completed lists) expressed any interest in Palmer for the morrow--the sum of their enthusiasms being only somewhat inferior to a candle in the fierce gale wind tunnelling down Phinney Canyon. After the move for abandonment of Palmer became unanimous and with Saturday night's storm playing the role of the enforcer by lowering the snow level to 5000 feet, the rout of the Palmer-Wahguyhe trip was complete--only six were left to climb Funeral Peak in Death Valley on Sunday amongst the finest wild flower displays in many a year. (EDITOR: Harvey Hickman was reported to have commented: "I guess one doesn't need to bring skis on all DPS trips," and "MacLeod, I'm beginning to detect a trend--not all peaks are as good as South Guardian Angel!")

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