White Mountain Peak


By: Al Campbell


Snow cancelled the scheduled trip for October 23, 1971, so Dennis Lantz went through the planning all over again so that we could drive to the Barcroft Lab and visit the facilities prior to the climb. Unfortunately, Dennis had a mishap and he wasn't "Go" this year. He says he'll lead again in 1973. The third time should be a charm.

Well, the trip was "Go" and Elliott Snyder volunteered to assist. We met Brian Miller, a biologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, who was to be our guide thru the Lab, at Shulman Grove about 6:30 am. Twenty-seven were signed in. Nine more were on their way but were held up temporarily by car problems. All 36 made the tour of the Lab, but eight decided not to go for the climb. The Lab is an interesting facility, but the tour didn't show off any real experiments which I had hoped would be available to see. Being able to "drive" from the locked gate to the Lab did cut down the hiking distance and gain and was helpful. At various speeds, all 28 who set out made the mighty summit. Most of the group stayed overnight at Grandview and Brian Miller put on a campfire program for us. For those of you who missed this trip, watch for Dennis' 1973 "Go for broke."

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