Rabbit Peak


By: Fran Smith


Shortly after dawn, 21 climbers were on the trail for the challenge of "Fran's Frolic." An hour's delay enroute back, while a slower group of six caught up prevented the main body of 15 from reaching the end of the challenge by dark. However, all 21 did reach the summit of Rabbit and return without injury, which was the meaningful objective.

Approach was from the Salton Sea side and followed this plan: up the main alluvial fan, left onto a ridge for a short time, around below and right of the ridge while heading towards an obvious crag high above that was the lower southeast corner ofthe main top ridge of Rabbit. There is a vicious looking canyon which must be kept on your right (north) side. From the earlier mentioned crag, it is routine to follow the ridge to the summit, although there are some places where good decisions (guesses) can reward the climber with easier going. The return was almost the same.

This being the fourth year of a December one day climb of Rabbit, it is becoming routine to the leader. A fifth time next fall seems ridiculous now, but maybe time will deaden the memory. It is a day of real effort, but rewarded with a feeling of success. Good weather prevailed, if a strong, cold wind did not upset you. Wind early in the day made visibility limited, but later on this was corrected as the wind eased up. The assistance of Horace Ory was appreciated.

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