Manly Peak, Corkscrew Peak


By: Paul Nelson


Your leader, whose influence is unbelievable (as well as his stories), arranged to have good climbing weather for Manly Peak. Snow and 28 degrees with wind. But that was far better than the 110 reported the previous weekend in the valley. Anyway, ten climbers made the top in ten hours. It took us that long to drive in! The stay on top was shortened by the cold and wind. We made up for the quick lunch period by taking longer to down climb because of stops to explore interesting mines in the area.

The weather cleared as we drove out that long rough road. Never have I experienced the Black Mountains and the west side of the valley as clear and colorful as they were on the drive to our camp site near Rhyolite. By Sunday morning we had lost one and gained three and by using my toes to count I found that we had twelve climbers heading for Corkscrew Peak. Your leader tried an unfamiliar route which only proved that the peak can be climbed anywhere. About three hours of easy going got us to the top. Because over half the people wanted to leave to explore other parts of the valley, your leader officially ended the trip on the top of the peak. Your now ex-leader and four others stayed two hours on the summit to enjoy the fine, clear, warm day.

We had a fine trip but I heard a week or so later that after the trip Paul Lipsohn's VW bus blew up and he had to leave it in Trona. Bill Banks' bug stopped a mile from home and he had to walk the rest of the way. I guess that like all cars, VWs get old too.

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