Mitchell Point, Providence Mountains

May 1971

By: Paul Nelson


A strenuous trip was advertised and strenuous it was. But for experienced desert peakers in good condition this is a most rewarding climb. One can bag two fine peaks on an adventurous and beautiful day.

Our route was up the usual ridge to Mitchell from Bonanza King Mine, then over the main ridge to Providence, This ridge is low third class in spots and somewhat up and down. I would recommend doing this traverse in the same north to south direction as there is a series of limestone cliffs to be crossed that are visible only from the north. From the south the routes through these cliffs would not be easy to find and much time would be consumed in route finding. Upon reaching the base of Providence, there is an obvious open chute that is very climbable and will bring you out, after a steep 1000 feet, just a few feet east of the peak.

The descent of Providence was made down the steep canyon that leads down from the east side of the peak. This canyon comes out at Mitchell Caverns where a car should have been left for the drive back to the starting point. This traverse can be made by a well conditioned climber in 8 hours without rushing. We had 17 people make the loop, including our newest emblem holder, the unstoppable Fred Bode. Because of the size of the group, it took us about ten hours but all were out by dark.

Sunday, as is typical of most DPS trips, the group had dwindled. Eight people climbed Old Woman in the morning and three of those who would just not quit did Marble that afternoon. This four peak weekend was blessed with good company and clear, warm climbing weather.

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