Rabbit Peak

Dec 1970

By: Fran Smith


Although 29 climbers had expressed interest in a dawn to dusk assault of Rabbit Peak, thirty minutes after dawn found nineteen actual bodies on the alluvial fan trail leading from the dump ground parking area up Rabbit's east ridge approach. As advertised, the leader held a moderate pace (?), but with several rest stops of longer than scheduled duration. Four of the group had succumbed to the "easier down than up" theory by the halfway point and returned to the cars.

Piker Bill (Banks) had dreamed he was climbing Rabbit only to discover that it had no summit. This mental fixation implemented him in reaching the top 1-1/2 hours ahead of the main party. Within the next half hour, everyone had signed the register; so after the usual lunch, views, and rest, we started back down the ridge. Several gallons of water had been cached at the summit by Les Stockton on his HPS climb, one week earlier. This was not needed, but its potential use was appreciated, and it remains for possib1e future users. Soon after reaching the drop-off point from the ridge, from which it was a straight shot to. the cars, small groups formed to return at their desired pace. Time of return varied from shortly before dusk to about 1-1/2 hours after dark. The weather was ideal. for climbing, and the only injuries were from viscious attacks by cacti on innocent unwary climbers. Fifteen successful but weary hikers agreed that Rabbit in one day is an ambitious accomplishment.

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