Telescope Peak


By: John Vitz


Twenty DPS'ers and zero 49'ers showed up at charcoal kilns in the post dawn darkness. There had been a recent snowfall and the road was impassable, to standard cars beyond this point. The, weather was threatening, but not quite bad enough to flick it in - much to the leaders' disgust.

We got started up the road about 8:30 with Jerry setting a fairly stiff pace. It was obvious that, with the extra distance, the snow, and the short day that there would be no time for dallying. The pace convinced some to turn back. As we hit the ridge the snow became knee deep, the wind got faster, and the temperature dropped. These things convinced others to turn back. We lost eleven before we made the summit.

The weather had totally deteriorated and darkness was rapidly approaching as we staggered back to Mahogany Flats. We returned to the cars just as the last light departed. If the object was to get up and down, the trip was a success, but it was more ordeal than enjoyment. November is not the time to c1imb Telescope.

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