Waucoba Mountain


By: Eric Schumacher


On Saturday, November the first, a bakers dozen DPS'ers gathered for the scheduled climb of Waucoba. The meeting spot for the climb was reached by driving cast on the Westgard Pass Road just north of Big Pine. After turning off of Highway 14 we went two miles and forked off to the right, on the Waucoba Canyon road. The meeting spot was 12 miles further along at the Junction of the winding canyon road and the dirt Saline Valley road. Continuing for another 12 miles on the dirt we turned off on a short side road to our right. At this point we were standing about two miles east and 3900 feet below our very visible objective. (I might note that very excellent camping is available at this point.)

Several hours of hiking up the very steep wooded slope brought the group to the summit at about 1:30. Recognition should be given to the fact that over 38% of the climbers were females. Perhaps this outstanding ratio was encouraged by the listing of a woman as Assistant Leader. A fine example of the "If she can do it - I can do it syndrome" in action.

Sunday started off an even nicer day at the Junction of Highway 14 and Mazourka Canyon Road. The group, with four less "on-the-list-only climbers", caravanned 11 miles to the road head at Barrel Spring. The group's leader led the eager mob flawlessly to the Winnedumah ridge pinnacle with not a wasted step. Unfortunately the pinnacle remained just over the next bump. Around three in the afternoon we finally saw the monument and decided to head back to the car.

Several hard core types wanted to continue on and return by flashlight but they were quickly brought to their senses with a reminder that the peak wasn't on the list.

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