Telescope Peak


By: Art de Goede


Twenty one were on hand to start the climb of Telescope Peak including 5 guests from the Death Valley '49ers Encampment and one DPS member (a leader). Counting about six or nine who left early but, apparently felt they were affiliated with the trip, three who caught up and one who left the group to go on ahead, there were slightly over 30 people on the hike of whom all but one made the summit. Al Schroeder substituted for an ailing Bill Banks as one leader and did a commendable job of keeping track of the slower hikers. The perfect weather was also enjoyed by a herd of seven wild burros seen in the flat middle stretch of the trip. There was no snow on Telescope, little snow was apparent on the Sierra Nevada and Charleston to the east showed none. With the last hiker out to the cars at 4:30 p.m., this leader was left with only a flat tire to contend with. However, a second flat tire was encountered (the first not yet fixed) while eating dinner a mile and one half from the gas station at Trona.

Jim Sanders and his Union Station is lauded for correcting one hole in one tire, two holes in the second and a tow truck loaned to shutt1e the first tire to the car....all for the price of $3. Tire repairs are $1.50 per tire, period.

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