Keynot Peak, Mount Inyo


By: Paul Nelson


The Keynot & Inyo climb was one of those super-enjoyable weekends where everything went right! Though rain fell on Friday, Saturday morning broke clear and. warm. This not-to-hot, not-too-cold reading lasted the entire weekend. We got an early start up the long scree slope. This way we missed most of the heat of the lower desert. The main part of the group reached Bed Springs Camp, our base, before noon. We were all able to reach Inyo and return with lots of daylight around to enjoy our supper. There were some snow drifts still lying about just above our camp. One cannot depend on snow this time of year, but when found it certainly helps matters.

The Asst. Ldr climbed Keynot on Sat and was available to lead, the slower hikers to Inyo on Sun. In this way all 27 of our bunch were able to capture this Emblem Peak. Early Sunday, 23 climbed Keynot, and by noon everyone was on their way back down the gracious slope, happy to be on the descent instead of the other way.

At the group's suggestion, everyone carried out a few of the many cans that were to be found littering up this camp. This is an area where only the true Desert Peakers visit, whether they be Sierra Clubbers or not. This trash was brought in mostly by miners in bygone years. If everyone going into such an area would carry out a little extra trash, we'd soon have cleaner camps to enjoy. Paul Nelson & Bill Clifton led the event.

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