Palen Mountains

Dec 1967

By: Sam Fink


As I have been reading that hikers have had problems getting to the base of Palen, I offer this route for its ascent: Drive 18 miles north of Blythe toward Midland. Turn west going thru Inca to Arlington mine, 11-1/2 miles, mostly on old paved road but with washouts in dips on south side of pavement.

From mine, go north, and then west around end of McCoy Mtns, about a mile or so, on dirt road to sign post and take road to north of sign, driving 5-1/2 miles west on fair dirt roads passing south fork mine road to small rise between two large washes, into canyon just south of Palen Mtn, to elev 1150'. Some cars may go a mile or so farther west but road is poor and rocky, with little parking. It is best to inform mine owner in large wash a few hundred yards to the south of your intentions, as he seems suspicious of strangers in the area. He was quite friendly after having asked his permission to park on, and to cross over his property.

Now hike west up the poor road to where the road turns south, elev 1600', but leave it here and continue west up canyon to elev 2000', then north up branch canyon to near saddle @ elev 2850'. Hike NE up ridge area, generally on south side of Palen Mtn.

Coming down, I started from SE of peak, going east down steep slope and gully to canyon and followed it south thru narrows down to the road where it turned south @ elev 1600', then followed road back to car.

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