Needles High Point, Boundary Cone


By: Bud Bingham


Eleven persons turned out for the climb of the Needles highpoint along the Colorado River. Those spires are located just about 7 miles out of Topock, Arizona and just east of the River. Cars could make about two miles over an old mining road. off hiway 66, and two miles on foot brought us to the base of Gold Dome, the high point. The climb is steep crud and a rope was used by those wishing more security to gain the final ridge. The rewards are the many interesting pinnacles as viewed from the summit.

Eight climbers did a pinnacle about a quarter mile to the north of the main summit. This ascent demanded the rope.

Evening was spent in a pleasant wash off the mining road and all participants enjoyed the hearty campfire.

Sunday only eight people attempted Boundary Cone from its base. This one is four miles south of Oatman, Arizona. This is another steep climb and a rope is certainly required for those off course. The climb begins at the highway's edge(how strange?) for a west slope ascent. The east face is not advised-it must be a straight up 1000 foot!

All three climbs were short, being 1000, 150, and 1600' gains respectively. As observed, from Boundary Cone's summit, there are other entertaining peaks to the north. Those should be explored, as they can be reached on a regular 2-day weekend..

Wildflowers are starting to make their display. We saw desert lilies on the highway north of Topock. The Beavertail cacti are really displaying their blooms at this time. Arkel Erb led this trip and thanks to him!

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