Cerro Botella Azul


By: John Robinson


This 9500-foot summit is the high point of the San Pedro Martir Plateau. It lies on the eastern rim above the head of Canon del Diablo, almost directly across from mighty Picacho del Diablo.

Contrary to every word we had heard, Blue Bottle is not an easy ascent. We approached it from too far north and spent several hours scrambling over rough, broken, boulder-covered ridges. The best approach is from almost due west- from the small meadows of Los Llanitos, up a narrow arroyo winding up from just north of the peak, and up to its eastern rim. In the upper reaches of this canyon is one of the few dependable water sources on the plateau; a small spring known to US hikers as Picacho Spring or Teacup Tinaja, but Galled by the Mexicans "El Bajio de la Vieja", (literally a nonsensical "Lowland of the Old Woman"). It is our feeling that Cerro Botella Azul would make a fine addition to the Desert Peaks list. The peak has probably the finest view in the entire San Pedro Martir, a panoramic scope that encompasses most of the vast forested plateau as well as a breathtaking close-up of El Diablo. The western approach is through miles of virgin forest wilderness, unscarred by faded candy wrappers, bullet-pocked signs, or deserted forest monarchs. From the east it is a steep class 3 climb out of upper Caņon Diablo.

Northern Baja California offers numerous opportunities for mountain exploration; within its boundaries is some of the finest desert peak country on the continent. Other summit that might warrant DPS investigations are these:

Sierra Juarez:
Cerro Colorado (6658'), highest in range
Chichi de la India (5200')
Cerro Piedra Safrificios (5500')
Sierra San Pedro Martir:
Cerro Salvatierra (7022')
Cerro Venado Blanco (9200')
Tres Polomas (9200')
Cerro Matomi (4500')

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