Charleston Peak, Mummy Mountain


By: Graham Stephenson


The leaders were a bit late for the scheduled Charleston start of 7:30 Sat morning in Kyle Canyon. However, prompt hikers Ed Lane and Wally Henry left their cars and soon met a short spell of class 3 conditioning upon ice-climbing Big Falls. The second group of three persons, two leaders included chose the canyon just to the south of Cathedral Rock, and we arrived at the ridge about noon, having trudged the entire distance on snow, varying from moderate pack to steep powder, of nearly armpit proportions in the most shaded places. After reaching the ridge to the south of Mt. Charleston, we began to the north to the summit over the approximate route Of the standard trail. Mostly the snow was somewhat "windswept".

About 2PM we Passed Ed and Wally coming in the down direction. A 3:30 PM arrival on top bearing a forbidding chill greeting failed to provide any further invitation to linger. Since it had snowed somewhat intermittently all along the ridge, discretion indicated an expeditious return. By 7:30 PM all hands were safely back at the cars.

Sunday with entirely different weather and bright sunlight, seven persons left for Mummy Mtn at 8:30 AM to arrive on the summit at 11:30 in time for lunch. A relatively dry route up Deer Creek on the west ridge was taken. There is one very short and easy class 3 pitch; otherwise this is an extremely easy and direct route.


This combination of peaks provides and excellent spring snow climb. While Charleston is about 13 miles on the standard route, it is indeed a beautiful and satisfying journey in such a heavy-snow-year.

The Mummy event on Sunday also affords an opportunity for early home regression despite the relatively long drive. Also such combination makes possible for a Sat nite dinner (and late show if desired) in a nearby sin city.

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