Pyramid Peak, Eagle Mountain #2

Jan 1967 14-Jan-67

By: Bob Greenawalt


One of January's mildest desert weekends found a group of some 25 DPS fans assembled in Death Valley Junction on Sat morning ready for the 11-mile car caravan to reach the start of the Pyramid Peak ascent, an all-day affair with a 3700' gain. We reached the starting point, marked by a weathering sign-Giant Cactus-on Highway 190. Unfortunately the rarity of such a plant is no longer there, since the hen-and-chicken type with 132 fronds, petals, stems, growths-what's the word?-has perished. Its fenced area kept it protected for many years. We chose to go up a north wash for a couple of miles 'til we found an easterly shoulder which led up, up, up to the vantage point for a wonderful view coupled with lunch. "And the first shall be last" prevailed, as leader Lothar Kolbig didn't think the peak quite met up to his specifications. He signed in last, an uncommon Kolbig trait. The views from the top are well worth the quite rocky climb. Pyramid always seems to support a ladybug population-they must like the climate. On returning to the care after a short winter day, Leader Kolbig's remarks were: "Just one big pile of crud." Co-Loader Hugh Parshall had the same impression but this writer, along with questioned other climbers agreed that Pyramid is a fine one. Only shows we must stay in shape.

The RR tie campfire made the long nite a short one for sleeping, since people persisted in staying around the pleasant coals. We were bedded down right along the Amargosa River(with water), ready for the footwork to get under way again Sun AM, which took place promptly as scheduled.

We chose the west flank of the 1700' limestone bump to reach the hand-over-hand summit. The view there was equally enjoyable, and the route was established with well-defined ducks for future ascents. It took about 2-1/2 hrs to reach the top. Lothar was very pleased this time. Eagle is one of our easiest and most inspiring peaks. It is wise to carry a rope along as there are a couple of slightly hairy spots to cross near the top. Lug soles are a must.

The pleasant week was ended with a swim in the warm springs pool at Shoshone, followed by dinner at the Santa Fe station in Barstow. This is a good place to eat and it's open at all hours. Only thing is you might not understand all the language going on, singe it is a trainmen's cafeteria.

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