Navajo Mountain

May 1966

By: Steve Smith


This 10,416' mass can be seen for a considerable distance across the Navajo Indian Reservation. An excellent dirt road leaves Hiway 64 and goes north about 42 miles. About 2 miles from the Dunn Trading Post a road has been built which goes all, the way to the summit. We were able to go about 1 mile on this jeep road in our conventional car and then walked the remaining 4 miles to the summit. The mountain is heavily forested but one can occasionally get good views of the surrounding area. On top are two radio antennae, and it is necessary to climb one of the towers to see out. What a view! Monument Valley, San Juan River and Lake Powell, the Colorado River, plus a great expanse of colorful sediments which cover this Arizona-Utah section are there to greet one's sight.

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