Glass Mountain Ridge


By: Gene Gail


Even though the Sat nite wind was not in our favor (it blew down all the club arrows leading to our campsite), a dozen campers found it to the base of Glass Mtn, that obsidian-covered peak that dominates the whole Owens Valley panorama northward. We were up before daylight on Sunday, eager for the 3,000' ascent, and soon on our way up the sparkling shoulder. Glass offers a complete 360 degree view extending from Mt Sill away up north to around Bridgeport. We found ourselves on top, 12 climbers, looking almost straight down on Crowley Lake. The complete chain of peaks in the White Range to the east were so prominent. Lothar Kolbig held attention at the evening campfire with his interesting tales of the recent Afghanistan climbs of the past summer.

The peak easily conquered, the group came down the scree slopes and ended the event with a most enjoyable dip in Hot Creek. I think Glass Mtn is one of our most delightful and rewarding Desert Peaks.

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