Arc Dome


By: Pat Donegan


On the Sat morning of Sept 25, a select group of Desert Peaker's (consisting of two), met in anticipation of doing what seems to be developing into an annual excursion in the mountains of central Nevada. Our objective was Arc Dome, high point of the Toiyabe Range, which offers superb views of the Great Smoky Valley and historic Reese River Valley. Leaving the car at the mouth of the South Fork of the Twin Rivers, our party (Pat Donegan in the lead) battled its way through dense undergrowth and past numerous streams to our customary cow pasture campsite. The following morning we climbed the peak by continuing up the main canyon (towards the west) rather than taking the canyon to the north as in previous attempts. A mile or so up the canyon where it makes a turn to the north we. climbed the ridge to our left and followed it to the summit.

Contrary to popular belief, it does not always storm on Arc Dome trips, in fact the weather could not have been better. All participants agreed.(despite the rather small number) that this had been a most successful journey.

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