Navajo Mountain


By: Andy Smatko


(NON-SCHEDULED) After having left LA Thu PM Nov 5, Sid Davis, Allen Siegal, Harold Henkin, & myself camped out at Kingman, Arizona. Next morning after visiting the Grand Canyon) we drove to the roadhead near Navajo Mtn. The road to this 10,388' peak leaves State Highway 64 just 5.8 miles beyond the trading post of Tonolea. It is a reasonably good road-in dry weather. Elevation at the roadhead is 6300', making a 4,000 ft. climb of the mountain. Spectacular, colorful cliffs guard the lower reaches of the mountain, but a good wide trail leads to the summit. The applicable topo is the Navajo Mtn. Utah-Ariz quad sheet.

As this is the highest elevation for many miles in any direction, the view is limitless. The mountain has been climbed by many people, and horses have been ridden to the top. War God Spring has water available most of the time and is about halfway up in the climb. Small patches of snow were seen near the summit. Here Sid Davis completed his peaks for emb1em prestige.

On Sunday, we all climbed a spectacular peak in Arizona, just north of Union Pass on State Highway 68 leading to Davis Dam. This is the highest peak north of Union Pass and is visible for a long time from away over in Arizona and also in California. Whether it is named or not I don't know, but it is more striking a Desert Peak than most of those on the DPS list. This peak would warrant further exploration, and is a third class climb.

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