Mopah Point


By: Abe Siemens


23 climbers arrived Saturday evening at the campsite east of Mopah Pk. As the sun set, we admired the peak's impressive silhouette and discussed our route to the summit. From a distance the peak's sheer walls make it appear unclimbable by a non-rock climber.

Early Sunday morning, 19 of the climbers began the ascent of Mopah Peak. From the east we worked our way around to the south side of the peak. On the Keyhole Route there are some areas with exposure, but they offer secure hand and foot holds. We reached the Keyhole after climbing about one hundred feet up a narrow chimney. Here Gene Gail attached a rope and all climbers who followed him up that short but spooky third class pitch welcomed its assistance. Now the summit was only steps away. Once we reached the summit we had to find immediate shelter from the strong, gusty wind.

As 17 successful climbers sat huddled among the rocks, we ate our lunches and enjoyed a commanding view of the surrounding desert area. Near by and thirty feet higher was Mopah's sister peak, Umpah. (Umpah was climbed Saturday by two of the members of our group.) In the distance we could see the Colorado River. Because of the wind our stop on the summit was a short one. The majority of the group returned by the same route, while a smaller party descended by another route in order to look for agates.

By one o'clock all climbers had reached the cars and were preparing to return to the city after another enjoyable weekend in the out-of-doors.

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