Dry Mountain

Nov 1963

By: Bob Greenawalt



A six-person contingent of the San Fernando Valley Group's Saline Valley outing left base camp for a climb of Dry Mountain on Thanksgiving Saturday. Under the leadership of Jim Montgomery, a new route was chosen to this 8726-feet snow-laden desert peak, this time from the western slope.

An unavoidable late start put the climbers en the lofty summit at 4 p.m. one hour before sunset. However as planned, the return trip was made in full moon Light. The nature of this mountain, being of weathered limestone, preyed harsh to ungloved hands. One bighorn sheep horn was found.

Dry Mountain affords wonderful Death Valley views and grape snow scenes were enjoyed en top. A clear panorama of the Sierra Nevada was noted past the Inyo Range. This appears to be the preferable route to this peak. There is no trail as is the condition anywhere on this mountain. By 4-wheel drive vehicle, one may drive 20 miles east of the main north-south Saline Valley road. Leave the main road 7.5 miles past the upper warm springs. The hiking starts at 3200 feet and the judged distance to the peak is five miles (one way). I recommend it for a future scheduled c1imb.

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