Wheeler Peak, Arc Dome, Mount Jefferson


By: Arky Erb



Dick Angler, Pat Donogan, Alden Sorbo and I spent the Labor Day weekend hiking and climbing in Nevada. We arrived at Baker, Nevada, just east of Wheeler Peak, at 9 a.m. Saturday. It was raining out and snowing up on Wheeler, so we gave up all thought of climbing for the day. Instead we drove up to Lehman Cave National Monument where we went on the one and a half hour tour of the cave. We then drove up Baker Creek scouting for a starting paint for the climb next day. After having lunch here we drove up Lehman Creek where we found a new good wide gravel road continuing upward from Lehman Creek campground to the north around some ridges, finally ending on a ridge about three hundred foot above Lehman Creek, but approximately 2000 foot above the campground. So from this high roadhead we decided to try climbing Wheeler Peak after all. Starting a little after one p.m. we traversed west down to Lehman Creek and from there followed the regular trail through the clouds, reaching the summit in a little ever three hours. Dick, Pat and I didn't spend too much time on the summit as there was over six inches of snow there and it was windy and cold with more snow coming down.

After descending Wheeler Peak we drove to the Twin River roadhead east of Arc Dome. Sunday morning Dick and I started up the South Pork of Twin River toward Arc Dome. Soon after passing the DPS group's camping spot Dick decided to spend the rest of the day exploring, so I continued on to the summit, meeting the descending DPS party.

Monday morning I hiked up Mt Jefferson from the west to end an enjoyable holiday weekend of climbing.

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