Mount Stirling


By: Harry Melts


13 persons reached the top of Mt. Stirling in sunny but biting cold weather. Snow on the ground was encountered from 6500 feet on from a fresh snowstorm the previous day. Starting from the western side of the Spring Range we approached Mt. Stirling with a sweeping northern loop along pine-covered ridges and descended by a more direct route via Heraeshutem Spring (good water, ruins, petrogryphs) back to the cars, a round trip of about 15 miles with 4500 feet elevation gain.

Consensus of opinion was that this mountain well deserves to be on the DPS Peak List. After the climb part of the group left for Hayford Peak while the other part camped near Shoshone to climb Mt. Stewart in the Resting Spring Range on Sunday, another peak for our List.

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