Grand Canyon


By: Dick Kenyon



An all night trip by chartered Greyhound, put 90 sleepy Sierrans on the Grand Canyon's north rim Thursday afternoon, May 30. Descending 4000 feet in 4-1/2 miles over the Kaibab Trail, camp was made at Roaring Springs. Tom and Trudie Hunt opened a new subdivision "Roaring Springs Heights" (offering hillside bedsites to campers unable to find space below.

On Friday the group knapsacked down Bright Angel Creek to Phantom Ranch, a short distance from the Colorado River. The ranch's swimming pool and cold drinks were especially welcome due to the hot weather. Spectacular Ribbon Falls was the day's scenic highlight.

Some were on the trail by 5 a.m. Saturday, hoping to avoid excessive heat in the climb to Indian Gardens. But ovecast skies kept temperatures comfortable, while thunder caused plastic tubes to be erected for rain that didn't come. A few hiked all the way to the south rim, but most camped at Indian Gardens. A side trip to Plateau Point gave fine views of the Colorado River and both north and south rims.

An early start Sunday brought everyone up the switchback trail the Last four miles to the south rim, arriving on schedule. Our Greyhounds had us back in LA by midnight. We were all grateful to the many hours of work put in by leader Bob Greenawalt in arranging the bus charter that made possible the scheduling of this unique inverted Desert Peak.

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