Palmetto Peak, Magruder Mountain


By: Polly Connable


Meeting at Lida Summit to climb Palmetto Peak Saturday afternoon were Jean Crenshaw and Helen Kilness from Big Bear, Polly Connable from Ridgecrest, Liz Anderson and her daughter Susie from China Lake, and Walt Wheelock of Glendale. Following up and down ridges, we reached our peak in warm sun shine. Evening camp was made in a grove of Pinyons near the old road bed. Walt treated the group to iced drinks, and the gals from SUMMIT passed around a new brand of quick-frozen corn for us to sample.

Sunday we climbed through Pinyons to the west summit of Magruder Mtn. A scenic mile along the ridge led us to the high point. We looked down into desolate Eureka Valley, and beyond to the Sierra, whitened by snow. The last names in the register were USGS helicopter men who'd hopped here from Coaldale.

Everyone enjoyed the slow pace of both hikes. Specimens of Rhyolite Braccia were picked up, and wild onions found to be good eating.

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