Black Mountain


By: John Robinson


Black Mountain (9083'), does not involve a very lengthy ascent, but the panoramic view from the top makes the climb worthwhile. The peak lies at the extreme west end of a 9000-foot ridge near the southern terminus of the White Mountain Range. Lying well to the west of the main White massif. Black Mountain offers superb views down the Owens Valley trench as far as the Cosos. Directly across the valley to the west the rugged Palisades rampart provides a spectacular horizon. The driving approach is via the mining road, steep and rocky in spots but passable, shown on the above map. The climbing route is short, but involves much up-and-down scrambling. From the mine at roads-end, ascend the false summit directly west, drop about 300 feet to a saddle, follow southwest along the ridge avoiding several highpoints to another, smaller saddle. The true summit lies just beyond. Caution: Do not try to contour around the first false peak from the mine: The terrain is too steep and loose.

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