Providence Mountains, Mitchell Point


By: Andy Smatko


These two interesting desert peaks were climbed by an SPS group of nine persons after their scheduled trip was snowed out. Providence, one of the better peaks on the DPS List, was ascended Saturday via the standard route from Mitchell Caverns Park Headquarters. (Incidentally, the Rangers now charge one dollar a night per car to stay in the camp, and 50 per day just to use the parking lot.) Sunday we drove to the abandoned Bonanza King Mine via a passable though sometimes rocky road. The summit of Mitchell cannot be seen from the mine. Our route headed southwest, gradually ascending towards and gaining the ridge. Mostly it is class 2, with some easy 3rd in a few spots. Near the top the ridge drops off sheerly in spots, providing spectacular views. The west side of the summit drops sheerly for over 600 feet, as does the ridge over towards Providence Peak. The total climb was around 3000 feet.

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