Spirit Mountain


By: Arky Erb


On Saturday afternoon, April 16th, Harry Melts and I drove to the Newberry Mtns. from Davis Dam. We followed the main road six miles west from Davis Dam, then went north about five miles on a gravel road until it turned to the west toward Christmas Pass. We camped here in an area covered with large granite rock similar to those at Joshua Tree National Monument. Spirit Mtn., (5639'), the high point of the Newberry Mts., was just northwest of our campsite. The following morning we drove west to near the summit of Christmas Pass. We started up the southwest ridge, crossed to the west side contouring and gradually gaining altitude, until we reached a canyon with a very large and impressive dry waterfall. This obstruction caused us to backtrack to the last canyon we had previously crossed, and we headed up it to the south ridge of Spirit Mtn. We picked our way along the pinnacles of the broken ridge on one side or the other until we came to a difficult pitch. Harry decided to turn back. I went on and the going became easier. I soon climbed up the last few hundred feet to the summit, littered as usual by the USGS. The descent was made nearly the same way except for staying on or near the ridge all the way back to the car. We left the Newberry Mts. by going west over Christmas Pass.

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