Clark Mountains


By: Helen Kilness


7 Riversiders and 10 Angelenos enjoyed beautiful weather for a combined Angeles and Riverside Chapter rip to Clark Mtn, led by Bob Bear.

The majority of the people arrived Sat. afternoon and evening and relaxed around an evening camp fire, A leisurely hike on Sunday over an interesting trailless route put 12 people on the summit by noon, including 11 year olds Ginny Bear and Don Cubberly. Bud and Bep Bingham had the misfortune of having a hole knocked in the gas tank of their car while going over the rough 4 mile road into camp. Unable to have it soldered, Bud displayed great ingenuity by attaching a rubber hose to the gas line and running it up to a 5-gallon can of gas in the back seat of the car.

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