Montgomery Peak, Boundary Peak

Labor Day 1962

By: Bob Greenawalt


GRAND TOUR OF THE NORTHERN WHITES, The annual DPS labor Day Weekend Trip

Delightful Labor Day weekend weather found 18 enthusiastic Desert Peak climbers forging ahead among the high slopes of the northern White Mountains in quest of three spectacular peaks rising high above three dramatic parallel canyons.

The 19 mile traverse began in the rabbitbrush-covered desert floor of Chiatovich Canyon, whose length consumed all of Saturday. As in all the three canyons, a pleasant stream kept us cool. Chiatovich is full of pinyons, aspen groves, obsidian chippings, and Hereford cattle, including a few bulls.

Mt. Dubois (13,545'), with its huge cairn atop Pellissier Flat, was reached over snow late Sunday afternoon followed by a 1500' drop into the high timberline of bristlecone pines in Middle Canyon where camp was made.

Monday morning one group made the ascent via a near ridge to Mt. Montgomery (13,465') and its neighbor, Boundary Pk. (13,135'), the highest in Nevada. Their exit was made down Middle Canyon. Another party climbed another ridge and egressed down Tail Canyon, again settled by large herds of Herefords.

A high point of the trip took place on a high point when Hugh Parshall was awarded his DPS Emblem on Mt Montgomery, this peak marking his matriculation as an emblem peaker.

Wildtife was prevalent in the form of three bands of mustangs, three bighorn sheep, a 5-deer herd, grouse, quail, and doves. Wild Flowers were still in abundance. The numerous springs in the area add up to one of the most Sierra-like atmospheres among our desert peaks.

Leaders were Bob Greenawalt and Hugh Parshall.

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