Arc Dome


By: Andy Smatko



On Sunday, May 13. Phil Clayton, Tom Ross and I started out at 5:30 a.m. from the end of the road on South Twin River in an attempt on Arc Dome (my third attempt). Good progress was made until we came to the first stream crossing.

Here, and in more than 20 subsequent crossings, we were delayed by swollen waters. By the use of logs, branches, rocks, etc. we built bridges. A couple of times we used beaver dams to cross.

About two hours out it began to snow. The clouds remained at about 7500 to 8000 feet, at times coming even lower. We never saw the peak we sought to climb, and after going over six miles up a most spectacular canyon whose walls were studied by grotesque spires and sheer slabs, we turned back. It continued to snow all the way back to the car.

The trip to Arc Dome is a long one (20 mile round trip), but well worth it. The canyon of the South Twin is as spectacular as Canon del Diablo and this is no exaggeration. I'd rank Arc Dome as one of the five best desert peaks.

(Ed. note: This high-point of the Toiyabe Range in Central Nevada is little known to Desert Peakers, mainly because of the long drive from L.A. Everyone I've talked to who has climbed Arc Dome has returned impressed with the mountain and its surrounding terrain. Perhaps the section can schedule it as a knapsack over a three day weekend next summer.)

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