Pico Risco

Christmas 1961

By: Bud Bingham



During the Christmas Holidays Graham Stephenson, Lothar Kolbig, Bud and Bep Bingham made an attempt to climb Risco Peak in Baja. The most prominent peak above the springs seemed at the time the most likely mountain to climb. This peak is no less than third class and most people need a rope.

After a good deal of trouble getting on one high point after another, the summit was reached. Only 4 names were in a tin can register. This the high point of the area and a most worth peak. Other high points in the area are mostly ridges and do not dominate the area.

It should be established which summit is the listed peak. The one we climbed has a beautiful buttress and lots of sheer rock. Arky Erb, Andy Smatko, Alden Sorbo, and Mike McNicholas were the only names in the register.

Ed note:
At least 15 other people have reached the middle and south summits of Risco, but not the exposed north one which I would definitely call 4th class. All three high points appear to be about the same elevation and the naked eye cannot tell the difference. Andy Smatko used a hand sighting level and believes the south (easier) summit is the highest by a few inches. Next time we schedule this controversial peak lets take along a surveyor!)

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