Manly Peak


By: Ralph Merton


Where but on a desert peak can one enjoy a balmy evening around a campfire and the climb a mountain the next morning by kicking steps in the snow?

Eleven guys and two gals knapsacked for 1-1/2 hours past Manly Falls up Redlands Canyon, where they slept on the roughest rocky ground in California. The wind died down in favor of perfect weather.

A start of 7:00 am made possible a leisurely climb. On the way up the steep loose scree was frozen and mostly covered with hard snow. Steps in the snow afforded easy climbing, and all 13 persons made the 4,400 feet to the summit by noon. A rope was set so each one made the last 20 feet to the top of the summit block.

Telescope Peak to the north was whiter than I've ever seen it and I recommend that ice axes be carried on the April 28-29 traverse.

Then the perfect weather cooperated by softening the scree for a real fun trip down.

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