Granite Mountains #2, Palen Mountains


By: John Robinson


A small but enthusiastic group of nine persons showed up on the warm weekend of Jan. 27-28 for the climb of two qualifying peaks in the Blythe desert area. Granite Peak, the longer climb, was done on Saturday. Six reached the summit after a lengthy and tiring ridge traverse over and around several false summits. Granite # 2 is one of the more strenuous desert peaks. The cars were reached after dark. The group had almost given up finding them and were preparing a desert bivouac.

Only four persons (Charles Gail, Eric Thompson, John Svenson, and John Robinson) decided to ascend Palen Mtn. on Sunday. Piling into a VW, the foursome rambled across the desert floor in a ride that would challenge the best at Disneyland. This got the group within striking distance of Palen, which was easily ascended in surprisingly warm weather.
Leaders were Alden Sorbo (Granite) and John Robinson (Palen).

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