Cave Mountain


By: Bud Bingham



The rain gods discouraged most of the Desert Peakers from turning out Dec. 2-1, Harry and Siina Melts were the leaders of the planned climb to the high point of the Nopah Range. They were found asleep in their car at the designated meeting spot in Chicago Valley Saturday night. A rude awakening was made by the first and only participants to show up.

It was learned that the approach to Nopah Peak by autos across a normally dry lakebed was now mud. Therefore the climb was cancelled in favor of an exploratory climb to the high point of the Cave Mountains, located 19 miles west of Baker, Calif., just south of US 91. A rather formidable rock mass rises abruptly some 2000 feet above the highway.

Enroute to the climb Sunday, breakfast was had in the picnic grounds at Shoshone, followed by a pleasant swim in the free warm water pool.

A climb in the Cave Mountains is recommended as a first day activity over a weekend. The complete circuit to the summit and return can be managed in about four easy hours. A canyon slightly to the west presents the most gentle approach. On the return trip we used a more direct route via a steep canyon which required working around a series of minor dry waterfalls that added spice to the descent.

With the weather better on Sunday, it was disappointing not to see more people out.

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