White Mountain Peak


By: Hugh Parshall



53 persons turned out for this fall weekend in the lofty White Mountain Range. Many came just to see the Bristlecone Pines, including some small children.

36 out of 47 starters made White Mtn. Peak (14,242'). The weather was crisp and cool, especially chilly at our 10,000 foot Sat. Night campsite. Sat. afternoon we took a group hike to "Methuselah Walk", an area of 4000 year old trees.

We arose before dawn Sunday morning for the hike over to White Mtn. Peak. We drove 15 miles over a rough road to the Barcroft Laboratory gate. A letter from Dr. Pace, director of the High Altitude Research Program informed us that no one is now allowed to drive past the gate. This added 3 miles each way to our hike.

Russ Mohn, appointed assistant leader after the scheduled assistant was unable to make the trip, started off with the lead group. The road was followed all the way to the summit; Due to the added distance 5 of the group were unable to make it all the way. 36 got to the top.
Everyone got back safely; The only problem were two punctured gas tanks and a broken axle.

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