Mount Dubois


By: Bob Marshall


Those starting on this four-day weekend trip had no idea what to expect in the way of water, but the White Mountains had almost as much snow as the Sierra, with Chiatovich Creek flowing strongly to 11,000 feet and in full bloom all the way. Wild roses, columbines, shooting stars, pentstemons were all over. Aspen Thickets were dodged in fine weather until we reached a 10,000 foot campsite rivaling the best of the Sierra.
Dubois was easily climbed by the east ridge, and 10 of the original 12 made it (a mishap turned back Bob Greenawalt and Don Minassian).

The view included White Mountain Peak, Boundary and Montgomery, the Sierra, and the weather over same. The weather caught up with the seven who camped at 13,375' that night, leaving an inch of snow and fog in the morning. A diagnosis was made, and we returned back down Chiatovich Creek through sprinkles, leaving Cabin Creek and the rest of Pellisier Flats for later. It's all well worth seeing.

The area is under consideration for wilderness area status.

Leading the trip was Bill Henderson.

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