Sheephead Mountain, Jubilee Mountain, Ibex Peak, Coffin Peak


By: Walt Wheelock



The weekend of February 25-26 was spent solo scouting the Ibex Range and the south end of the Black Mountains, east of Death Valley.

Sheephead Mtn. (4270') was climbed from Salisbury Pass. This peak with its pink buff, red and black bands of tuff, rhyolite and basalt is about the most beautiful small desert peak that I have climbed. Rockhounds would be interested in the chalcedony float and broken geodes that litter the slopes. The rather rough ridge, which promised a rather difficult 1000 feet climb, opened up so that a route could be found to its craggy summit, with a magnificent view of Pahrump Valley and the Nopah Range.

Other peaks climbed were Jubilee Mtn. (2527'), Ibex Pk. (4552') and Coffin Pk. (5503'), the latter two in a rather stiff gale.

We are now scouting for Part II of the DPS Guide, which we hope to print in 1963. Over half of the peaks have been scouted, but we would like dope on the following peaks. If you have climbed these, would like to climb any, or know of anybody who has, please drop a line to Walt Wheelock, 1129 E. Palmer, Glendale, California.

Peaks listed from north (US 6) to south (US 466):

Lone Mtn. 9114'   Striped Butte 4773'
Emigrant Pk. 6799'   Epaulet Pk. 4766'
Rhyolite Ridge     Salsburry Pk. 4240'
Joes Pk.     Needle Pk. 5805'
Piper Pk. 9500'   Sugarloaf Pk. 4639'
Palmetto Range Hi Pt.     La Madre Mtn.  
Magruder Mtn. 9057'   Table Mtn. 5150'
Mt. Dunfee     Little Devil Pk. 5570'
Gold Mtn.     Devil Pk. 5865'
Wahaguyhe Pk. 8590'   Shadow Pk. 4172'
Thimble Pk. 6000'   Owlhead Mtns.  
Cottonwood Mtns.     Brown Mtn. 5131'
Echo Mtn. 5033'   Eagle Crags 5501'
Navares Pk. 2859'   Lane Mtn. 4504'
Panamint Butte 6585'   Calico Mtns.  
Wildrose Pk. 9054'   Alvord Mtn. 3451'
Shadow Mtn. 5071'   Cat Mtn.  
Brown Pk. 4947'   Tiefort Mtns. 5090'
Gold Hill 5492'   Granite Mtns.  
Smith Mtn. 5950'      

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