Granite Mountain #2


By: Andy Smatko


On February 18th, Arkel Erb, Mike McNicholas, Alden Sorbo, and I climbed the high point in the Granite Mountains. These mountains lie east of the Coxcomb Range and just to the north of the Palens. It is a rugged range with plenty of opportunity for 3rd and 4th class climbing if one desires. Quite probably it is necessary for one to accept some c1ass 3 climbing in order to reach the summit, although a class 2 route might he found from the north.
The road into the area is the same as for the climb of Palen Mtn., except that one proceeds further north towards the vicinity of Palen Pass. Here one goes as far as possible up a mine road just south of the ridge Leading toward the summit.

We climbed directly up the ridge and in spots were on high 3rd class rocks. It took 3-1/2 hours of steady, rapid climbing over the usual false summits to reach the top.

This peak was previously climbed by Sy Ossofsky, Barbara Lilley, and Bud Bingham.

We descended directly eastward down a likely canyon. Three formidable dry waterfalls guarded this canyon, but we descended with care. A long walk along the base of the eastern flank of the range brought us back to the cars.

This is a most worthy peak and deserves consideration for qualifying status.

(Editor's Note:
This is one of the two peaks that will be voted upon at the June 7th meeting at club headquarters in L.A.)

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