Signal Peak, Castle Dome Peak, Mopah Point


By: Walt Wheelock


We opened this year with a well attended trip to Kofa and Castle Dome. Not only did this trip draw out many of our Section, but it was exceptionally well attended by members of our sister sections and by many other Club members. Bob Bear, the scheduled leader, sneaked off to Old Mexico, so the Hunts ran this trip, with Peter leading and Trudie rounding up the strays. Then on Jan. 23-24, Bill Sanders and Peter led a third-class (?) route up along Mopah Peak. The act of pulling a camel through the eye of a needle was re-enacted on this trip, with Ralph Merten acting as the "camel" and the "Keyhole" filling in as the "eye of the needle." Since Trudie had relinquished her task of rounding up the strays, one climber went awry. Bob Bear went out and got his man, but being we are a modern organization, the rescue was made with the Bear's jeep.

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