Granite Mountains #2


By: Dick Kenyon


On April 5, the DPS made its first scheduled climb of the highpoint of the Granite Mountains, about 20 miles north of Amboy. The range is notable for its pinyon and juniper covered slopes, bristling with granite pinnacles. Saturday night camp was made by the group of 19 persons at a very scenic location at the southeastern end of the range. On Sunday the group drove to the end of the road up Cottonwood Wash on the northern side of the range. The two heroes(or rather heroines), of the day were Betsy and Ginny Bear, ages 7 and 9, who made the three hour climb and scaled the class 3 summit pinnacle to complete their first real climb with the section. All other starters made it too. The range has twin summits, about a hundred yards apart, of almost equal altitude. Leaders Dick Kenyon and Ralph Merten placed the register on the south peak when they scouted the trip back in January, because it is a splendid rock pinnacle, in contrast with the north peak which is gently rounded. The group returned to the cars by 2:30 P.M via an interesting canyon with a series of dry waterfalls.

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