Providence Mountains, Fountain Peak, Mitchell Point


By: Bob Bear


While overcast skies rained on Los Angeles, the DPS enjoyed perfect, cloudless weather on the March 29-30 trip to the Providence Mtns. Camping at Mitchell's Caverns Saturday night, leader Trudie Hunt, assisted by Peter Hunt, guided 45 persons to the highpoint of the range via a class 2 route through the intricate maze of pinnacles, cliffs and canyons that makes the Providence Range so spectacular. A 7:00 a.m. start got most of the group to the summit by 11:00 a.m., and everyone down by midafternoon.

Meanwhile, Bob Bear and companion climbed Fountain Peak via a trail originally constructed to place some weather instruments on the summit. Fountain is the next major peak south of the high point.

To the north of the high point lies Mitchell peak. On Saturday Vern Jones and Bud Bingham ascended it, finding plenty of class 3 and 4 pitches.

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